A Pet-Centered Mission

Koda’s Plea is a registered, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to protect dogs at home by preventing officer-involved dog shootings and to raise awareness about these incidents. Our mission is to collaborate with law enforcement and the community to inspire action and change to protect dogs at home.  Our vision is to eradicate the mistreatment of every dog, and this can only happen with your support and our wonderful volunteers.

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Our Story

Our story began August 2018 by our founder, Felicia Jones, who had recently suffered a tragic loss of her dog Koda. Koda was shot and killed at her residence by a local deputy responding to home alarm that was accidentally triggered.  As our founder went through a tough time grieving her sweet Koda, she decided to turn this incident into an impactful organization to help protect other dog owners from going through what she went through and possibly save other dogs from these types of incidents that involve officer shootings.

Our Services

Grief Support

Losing a pet is incredibly difficult, and not something you have to endure alone. Get the support you need, locally.

Emergency Vet Financial Assistance

Large vet bills for needed treatments shouldn’t stop families from the help they need. (For dog owners only)

Promote Animal Shelter Adoption

Helping dogs of all ages find loving homes is the simplest place to start protecting them.

Humane Community Education Events

Educating the community about responsible dog ownership as well as raising awareness about officer involved dog shootings, and how everyone can get involved to evoke real change.

Your donation is very important for us to build our medical fund and to save a dog’s life. Please consider donating today. If you’d prefer to send a donation via regular mail, please mail a check (made out to Koda’s Plea ) to:

Koda’s Plea
PO Box 36523
Greensboro, NC 27416

Protect your pups through awareness.

One of the simplest ways to prevent a law enforcement officer from becoming startled by your pets when visiting your home is to submit a form to the local police department letting them know your home has pets.

Visit our Dog Premise Alert Form page to submit yours.

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Koda’s Plea.  If you love working with people and pets, then Koda’s Plea organization might be the right fit for you!  We have a wide range of opportunities available, such as:

  • Events and Outreach: assist at events and help to raise awareness for our mission
  • Grief Support: reaching out to pet owners to provide support during a time of loss of a beloved pet.
  • Social media expertise:  offer your creative skills to help grow our organization through social media.

*All volunteers must attend an orientation session*

Koda’s Plea is a 100% volunteer-based, ​non-profit organization that is always looking for more help! Please note we do not have a facility and most positions are done remotely.

Upcoming Events

March 14th, 5pm-8pm - St. Paddy's Day Bash

Hosted by B-Town Events 

  • Beer garden, food trucks and live music until 9 pm.
  • Park your vehicle in any of the downtown City Lots. We recommend Lot #1, it is the closest and largest lot in Downtown.

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