Meet the Board Members of Koda’s Plea

Felicia Jones - Founder of Kodas Plea

Felicia Jones, Founder

Felicia is the Founder and Executive Director of Koda’s Plea organization. Due to the tragic loss of her dog Koda, Felicia has made it her passion to protect other companion dogs at home by forming Koda’s Plea. Felicia leads diverse work teams, develops organization-wide strategies and builds long-term community relationships to further the Koda’s Plea mission.

Ingrid Morales - Chairman of the Board at Koda's Plea

Ingrid Morales, Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of the Koda’s Plea board, Ingrid oversees the mission to ensure the organization’s goals are being met. She provides assistance in project management and support to all others involved in Koda’s Plea.

Sherry Thomason - Treasurer at Koda's Plea

Sherry Thomason, Treasurer

Sherry oversees the organization’s finances to ensure expenditures keep with the original mission. She has an accounting degree and has been in the finance field for over 30 years, and is currently the Principal of Queensboro Accounting in Alamance County. 

Mick Well - Sales for Koda's Plea

Mick Wells, Sales & Marketing

Mick Wells has been an executive for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies that focus on animal healthcare and veterinary medicine for over twenty years.  Along with his wife, Aris, children, Luca & Sophie they spend their lives caring for and cherishing their rescued cat, Paco, and rescued dog, Leo.  Mick supports the board in community outreach and advancement.